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My first "In My Mailbox" Post

Sunday, July 25, 2010
I just received my very first gifts from different giveaway and I need to thank to some people that sent me all the beautiful prizes. So I need to thank to:

Amanda Leigh from Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick Blog that had a huge birthday blog party. I received from her and Carolyn Crane:


A pack full of goodies (pens, badges, bookmarks, the beautiful bag and much more)  and a signed copy of "Passion Untamed" by Pamela Palmer.

Denny from  Denz Ramblings that sent me .... Twilight. Thank you so much, never seen one copy with red pages like that. (^_^)

Fire and Ice had a great Facebook contest from which I won a Wolf Charm bracelet by HeatherZahnGardner (there are so many cute things in the etsy store so I recommend to all of you) and the cute badge as a surprise.

Also recently my parents went to Bran and bought me some gifts: a little treasure chest for my jewelery (because I'm so obsessed with them), a feng shui pyramid with a little frog and coins in it (to bring me fortune :))) and there was a little decorative plate with Dracula, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

And finally from me to me (^_^):

"The Darren Shan Saga" (only the firs 3 of the books) and Bram Stocker's "Dracula".

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