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Tv Show Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Monday, April 18, 2011

          Ok, so with all these great stories around here with vampires, I realized that I haven't seen la crème de la crème yet, the beginning of the vampire Tv Shows. I just wanted to see the first season, out of curiosity, since it  has been so long since I've seen the only 5 episodes. Eventually I ended up watching the entire 7 seasons.
           I must say that the world of Buffy is very different from the other movies and Tv Shows I've watched, less romance and more action maybe. The vampires were ... well ... really ugly and my favorite part: soulless. Having a soul, among the  vampires, was a luxury, and both the vampires that had it, fell in love with the same girl, Buffy, the slayer (she is quite a lucky girl :))).
          I was afraid that the show will only be about vampires, I mean - 7 seasons full of only vampire action would have killed the show from the first two seasons, but Mr. Joss Whedon brought in the show more, like: witches, demons, werewolves, goddesses...any mythological creatures?  You name it and it's there. It reminds me a little of Supernatural in this case, and the fact that there seems to be more than one Apocalypse. I think that Buffy had one for each season.
          BtVS was that kind of TV Show that never got you bored, I mean I've seen some series that after a certain point the action is aimless, but I watched Buffy like  maniac while I should have been working at my dissertation paper (^_^).
          Anyway, there is also a season 8 (and I think that soon it will be also a 9) in comic books style, and I am anxious to read them since I've already seen some sneak peaks.

My favorite characters:
          There are two I guess, first of all there is Buffy, not the traditional main female character at all. She can be strong and feminine at the same time and I love her creativity in battle.
          The other character is Spike, the vampire, and not only because he saved the world in the final season, but because I always thought that him and Xander are two of the most funny characters in the show.

How many of you have seen Buffy and what are your thoughts about it?

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