Review: Songs of the Wind (Love Lines #2) by Diana Nixon

February 10, 2013
“See?” he whispered into my ear. “Even with his memory problems he's still jealous of you.” 

          Losing Christian hasn’t been easy for Eileen. But she’s not going to give up. Now she has to find a way to bring him back from the magical dream, where he was taken by Eric Lanster. Together with her friend Evan, Eileen goes to France – Meridin’s motherland, where she hopes to find out the mysteries of the dream’s magic. In a small town named Fontainbleau they meet a wizard, who turns out to know a lot of their secrets…           Determined to help Eileen, Evan agrees to complete some special dream piercing training. But he can’t even imagine what he has put himself into. The magic of dreams keeps a lot of secrets. The spells are dangerous and their consequences no one is able to predict.           Friends can become enemies…          The ones they used to call their family can become traitors…
But the ones they love will always be there to help…

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          How can a book be that perfect? I don’t want to exaggerate, but this is the kind of reading I enjoy and there are several reasons why: smart characters that don’t jump right into danger without thinking, friends that are important, loving family and no love triangle.

          I really missed Christian, but even though he was not present, he was definitely the center of Songs of the Wind. I enjoyed the team effort and the way everyone has been organized unlike some YA novels in which the characters run around in complete chaos. May that was because in the case of the Love Lines series, everyone is over 18 years and guided by some mature adults. This brings it a little closer to what reality means.

          Like I said, I missed Christian, but we still get to see glimpses of him in Eileen’s memories and we get to know his feelings because of the songs the wind brought. I will be back at him in just a couple of minutes.

          I liked the way Eileen evolved, she became more independent and she is most definitely much more powerful. If in Love Lines she was always protected by her friends and father, now she is the one to protect them. And maybe it was because of Christian’s disappearance, but there were moments in which Eileen seemed tougher and at one point she noted that she is sick of all the lies her friends used so often in order to protect her.

“Now, tell me what’s going on?” Eileen said, getting down to business. She went to the opposite wall and leaned over the window sill, her arms crossed. “And I need all the details,” she warned, watching Marion and me with a murderous look.

          I liked him a lot in Love Lines, but things have changed in Songs of the wind. I don’t know if I can like him more than a lot, but I do. He is my favorite character and it’s no doubt about that. He is smart, funny and as powerful as Eileen. Maybe part of the reason I liked this book so much was because half of it was written from his point of view. We get to know him better and the more you know him the more you like him (you can’t escape it). I am glad that we also got the chance to find more about his family and his past and the most original way. (not going to tell you, you’ll just have to read it.)

Eileen and Evan
          No, there is no love triangle at least not from where I stand. I LOVE their relationship and I don’t think that they should be together. There was a small part in which I was confused about the relationship part, but it all figured out. The chemistry between them is perfect. They are friends and they take care of each other and when they don’t do that they exchange the most sarcastic and funny dialogue in the entire book. I love the way Evan is protective of her and how it all turns around when is Eileen’s turn to save him.

There is this part, in which their friendship really begins, which I am dying to tell everyone, but I can’t. That is a called a spoiler and I try not to throw them in my reviews.

“Okay. But I can’t but admit how damn sexy you look in my sweater,” he whispered into my ear.
“Your what?” I asked, puzzled, turning to see his smiling face.
“My sweater, dear,” he repeated, taking my almost empty cup. “The one you are wearing at the moment,” he added, pointing to my outfit. I looked down at myself and gasped.
“Aw heck!” I groaned, realizing that any old thing turned out to be Evan’s sweater.

The Villains
          I get them. And I’m not an evil genius, but I must admit that they were motivated. They were desperate to get more power, but they were still small puppets in a bigger game and what comes next looks bigger and more dangerous and I can’t get to see what comes next.

          Yeah, I tried, but I choose to let this at the end because there is no other way. Christian’s personality has changed a little because he doesn’t remember Eileen so he learns how to know her all over again. I know that this was not a fun part of Christian’s return for Eileen, but he seemed to have fun and I don’t know why, but I liked his attitude (sorry Eileen). It was nice and romantic to see him fall in love with her again and to see her confused (she didn’t know how to act around him).

The End
          Yeah, there is a small cliffhanger at the end and yes, you will want to read the next book as soon as possible. ^_^


bianca2b said...

Great review,as always!

Claudiu said...

I hope I'll read this book as soon as possible, but I'm a lazy ebook reader :(. LOVE THE REVIEW and the book is funny! :D

Deea said...

Great review Amina, as always.

I really love your writing style, is so easy to read and you know how to choose your words wisely and to engage readers.

Good luck and I will wait for the next reviews.

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