Zombie Apocalypse Challenge Update (#3)

March 29, 2013

          We are half-way there. We will need to hang on just a little bit longer. Congrats to all of those that made it until now. Here are the updates:

Update #1 (Day 5 of the challenge)
Update #2 (Day 16 of the challenge)
Update #3 (Day 30 of the challenge):

My Passion for BOOKS -  Zombie Facts
Books and Coffee - The Myth of the Zombies
Books and Coffee - Choose your weapon game
Runaway - Basic rules to survive
Runaway - Disney Zombies
Runaway - Zombie First Aid (do not do this at home)
Meduza Blanda - A letter at the end of the world
Carti Alese - Review: Warm Bodies (Movie) [RO]
Bianca2b - Interview: Brian James
Bianca2b - Interview: Amanda Ashby
Valsul Fluturilor -Review: Zombieland (Movie) [RO]
Fantasy Books -  Random Games
Fantasy Books -  Review: Deadlocked by A. R. Wise [RO]
Fantasy Books -  Three week panic [RO]
Amina Black - Review: Highschool of the Dead (Anime)

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