Character File: Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy)

August 28, 2013

          When I started reading Vampire Academy, vampires were literary everywhere: in books, movies, songs, tv shows and even in commercials. I was, just like everyone else, sick of vampires after Twilight, Vampire Diaries or House of Night, not because I don’t like them, but because it felt too much. And after I saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer I was already longing for something else: strong main characters, action and actual plot before sweet obsessive love.

          Yet, I decided to start reading Vampire Academy, not because I knew what was all about, but because I heard that it brings something new to the vampire mythology. And so it did: a new world in which vampires were both good and bad, in which half human, half vampire teenagers learned how to fight and protect. At that point I found Vampire Academy to be indeed different from all the other young adult and vampire books.

Character File: Rosemarie Hathaway aka Rose

          Rose is a Dhampir Guardian, raised and trained at St. Vladimir’s Academy. She is the daughter of a famous Moroi and one of the most popular guardians, Janine Hathaway. Even if she is a novice she always manages to stand up willing to protect her best friend, Lissa.

          Rose is described as being brave and reckless, on the verge of being violent at times. She is harshly judged by the others because of her bad temper and her smart remarks, which I find hilarious. It is impressive how in the middle of a fight she still has the will to throw jokes now and then.

          With time she becomes more responsible, especially after she loses some people she cares for, but she is still Rose: independent and always doing everything in her power to help her friends, even if that means breaking the rules.

Love interest - Dimitri Belikov
          Rose’s feelings for Dimitri evolve from attraction, to a crush and then love. Like in every young adult story, their love needs to be forbidden, at least in the beginning, since they are both guardians of the same moroi.
          This part might not sound that good, but I liked that she loves him enough that she was willing to kill him when he was turned into a strigoi (evil vampire). That was when she showed strength and determination.

          Another difference between Vampire Academy and other books is that friends and family are both important to Rose. She cares deeply for Lissa and considers her her sister. She would do anything for her and for the other friends and they would do anything for her.

          Rose is described as being beautiful with feminine curves, long dark-brown hair, dark-brown eyes and five foot seven.

Zoey Deutch
          Zoey is the actress that will portrait Rose in the upcoming movie Blood Sisters (Vampire Academy). I know that opinions are shared and some say that she is does not resemble Rose, but I think she is perfect for the part. No, she does not look exactly like Rose, physically, but she is smart and funny and has the attitude. I totally see her as a badass vampire slayer. Also I saw Zoey in a couple of movies and I liked her and I am sure she will do a good job. I am not worried about her at all, but I am a little nervous on how the entire movie will look like.

If you had the chance to choose an actress to play Rose, who would you have choose?


Dana said...

My choice for Rose was always the girl who plays Alex on Nikkita! Rose is probably my favorite YA heroine! Love this series can't wait for the movie!

sshah605 said...

I loved Vampire Academy Series too! And Rose is one of my favorite female characters. She is strong, brave, sassy, and protective! I haven't seen Zoey's movies but I do think she can herself well as Rose and she does look like Rose too!!

- Gayatri @ Notorious Writer

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