Fuel the addiction to books

August 02, 2013
It was recently claimed that people have an 'addiction' to books and that there is no sign of them letting up on their love of books. With that in mind, perhaps it's time to get yourself into the zone and start writing your latest book.
Start writing
If you have an idea in mind or have already started writing your book, work hard to get it completed. Don't be afraid to get thoughts down on paper - you can always improve and edit it later on. You may also find it helpful to work out a plan before you start writing so that everything flows better throughout the process.
Once the actual manuscript is written, you'll need to take it through a number of different stages to get it ready for the shelves. At this point, it may be worth getting in touch with a professional book marketing company. If you choose wisely, you may find a company that handles everything from the editing to the publishing, making life considerably easier for you.
Get ready to print
After completing the book, get in touch with an editor to give your book the professional treatment. Although it can be difficult to take the criticism sometimes, having a fresh set of eyes to look over your book can be extremely beneficial. Book editing can be a long and arduous process but may result in the final product being of a much higher standard.
You'll need to go through the motions of getting your book signed by a publisher to get it to the printing stages. This can be a tough time so try and put yourself across in the most professional manner possible. If you have already worked with companies on editing, it may put you in better stead when trying to secure a publisher. Once you are at the stage of having the writing ready for the shelves, you'll need to get the cover and presentation sorted out.
Sell, sell, sell
Cover design is a key element to get right if you want to sell lots of copies. With so many people buying books, there is a lot of choice out there. Your book needs to stand out above any of the other options so the design, colours and wording are all key to get right. You may have a design in mind that you would like to use but speak to a professional designer to get a second opinion. They may have thought about things that you might not have previously considered.
Once the book is complete and ready to be sold, you need to get people to actually buy it. While it might stand out on the shelf, if nobody knows it's been launched, how can you ever expect to sell any? This is the stage at which book marketers come in. They will be able to get your book out there, generate excitement about it and make sure people are talking about it before it's even launched. When the book is finally released, a good marketing campaign is likely to contribute to increased sales so make sure you get a good marketing company.

Written by Authoright (www.authoright.com). Authoright has been helping authors since 2005. We were set up by a writer and book marketing professional who wanted to help fellow writers raise their profiles and promote their books on a national scale. Historically, effective book marketing has been the preserve of well-known authors and as such the media market has been largely closed off to traditionally published mid-list authors, smaller publishing houses with limited budgets and self-publishing companies and their authors.

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