Guest Post: Top 5 Live Music Places In London

August 24, 2013
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Music is always said to be a good therapy especially at times that one is feeling low and downcast. But this can be even better with great music in a great a place. The effect is even enhanced when the music is played live and not that recorded type. One might then be asking, where to get such places that one can just let themselves get lost in the sweet musical sounds of a real band. Here are five amazing places to go to plus the fact that you will not have any issues with transportation to the location. What you just need to do is to get the transport for London contact phone which when you call will direct you to the best transportation facilities in town.

These great music places include.

1. Union Chapel
2. The Lexington
3. Barbican
4. Plan B
5. The Vortex

Union Chapel

It is absolutely amazing to find a great worship place. A place where there is music with its wholeness. The union chapel for years has been a heart for great worship music hosting big events including annual little Noise secession. There is entirely a new feeling once one steps into this church built in 1977. The interior design is what makes the music just sound great. It is designed in an octagonal shape and has wrap round balconies. The chapel also has been built with stone walls, all these just combining together to bring the quality into the music.

The Lexington

This pub is located between isilington and King Cross. It offers the best place to just relax and have cool live music from the band and also feel the vibrant crowd. It has two sections which are well furnished and conditioned. The upperstares offers a great and acoustic feel those who love a sweety lubricated feeling. The downstairs is also a good place for those who like to relax and just enjoy luxurious, and no disturbance environment. The danceflour is just the place for all those who want to shake their bodies and be lost in the dance. In essence there is all for anyone who wants to dance and those who want to relax.


Are you a fan of contemporary music and classical music. Then you need not to be troubled with a place to go. The Barbican a home of the London Symphony Orchestra has the best of this genre of music. This vast hall can accommodate more than 2000 people, but this does not mean that the music quality is compromised. infact it is a place where most of theatre movies are shown and as well exbitions for a film screening. The acoustics are quality plus the orchestral embellishment of the music.

Plan B.

It is one of the places that offers 24 hour entertainment. It has a license to operate 24 hours and is the place for one to spend the whole night at. There is crisp clear sound from the Funkyton sound system, and also the neon lights lighting up the place with all sorts of amazing colors. The kind of music to get ranges from live bands t great DJ mixes.

The Vortex

Jazz music might sometimes be boring making it only sound good for the aged and the quiet people. But this is not the case at the Vortex. The place has been a host of the great jazz musicians like Sir Jon Dackworth and Polar Bear. It is designed with two sectors, the lower and the upper floors. The upper one being for those who like minimal interaction while the lower floor is for those who are ready to engage in plenty of activities. This is just a great place for the lovers of jazz music. The music is played by a variety of bands bands.

The few are just but a mention of the many music spots in London. There is much more for one to get in London as music is concerned. There are all sorts of music places playing the favorite music one loves. It is only for one to choose where to go depending on the type of music you love. It is is without doubt that, one will not miss to get music of their choice and not just music but quality music in London.

Author bio: I'm Ella James a traveler and a guest blogger from Florida, Love's to express my journey. I Write articles for blogs and websites during my free time. Presently I'm now concentrating on travel articles and helping people with ESTA authorization.

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