Guest Post: Top 7 Upcoming Horror Movies

August 06, 2013

Even though most new horror movies don't instill the same amount of fear old films used to, they still offer a good level of entertainment and are a perfect to way to spend an exciting Sunday night at home before you have to work the next day. Even though watching horrors at the cinema isn't horrifying at all, here is the list of the Top 7 Upcoming Movies you should go and see on the big screen.

#7. Carrie

Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the tormented teenagers in high school suddenly developed supernatural abilities like, say, telekinesis? Director Kimberley Pierce wants to give us taste of what it would be like in this highly anticipated movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. This won't be the first time we see Carrie on the big screen, but we hope that it will be the most horrifying.

#6. I Spit on Your Grave 2

Steven Monroe sits once again on the director's chair for the sequel of one of 2010s most controversial movies I Spit on Your Grave. We expect from the second movie to be even more brutal and spike another widespread wave of polemics. Once again the plot revolves around a young woman who is brutally raped, tortured and left for dead but manages to survive against all odds, and then starts looking for new and inhumane ways to exact her revenge on the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

#5. Curse of Chucky

The infamous Chucky is back and he is worse than ever. The talking homicidal doll returns to the big screen and is ready to spread another wave of terror, murder and mindless bloodshed. The iconic horror figure is expected to once again terrorize people with verbal insults and violent outbursts. Whether the movie lives up to its potential remains to be seen.

#4. Cabin Feaver: Patient Zero

What can go wrong on a cruise ship in the Caribbean? Plenty, as it turns out, especially after it crashes in an abandoned research boat-lab and a flesh eating virus is released on board. The passengers are about to experience levels of torment and suffering we can't even begin to comprehend in this 2014 scheduled movie release.

#3. Horns

Yet another highly anticipated title we want to see on the big screen. Will Daniel Radcliffe manage to escape the curse of being associated only with his most iconic role as Harry Potter thanks to this dark fantasy thriller? Walking into his father's footsteps, Joe Hill (whose real name is Joseph King, Stephen King's son) gave us the novel of the same name the movie is based on. The stakes are high for both Radcliffe and Hill. Will the movie be up to the challenge?

#2. Muck

If you've ever watched a horror movie, you know that taking refuge in an abandoned house after escaping an ancient burial ground is not a particularly good idea. A group of friends are about to experience this first hand in the 2014 horror movie Muck. Let's hope director Steve Wolsh will not disappoint.

#1. The Green Inferno

Sometimes even the best intentions backfire. This is especially true when your plane crashes on the way to the Amazon jungle where you were hoping to help the natives, and then you get captured by the same tribe you wanted to assist. This movie takes the saying, “No good deed is left unpunished” to  a whole new level as the student activists will live through unimaginable horrors  by the hands of the very people they wanted to aid.
Those are the horror movies we expect to watch on the big screen in the upcoming months and we are eager to see if they live up to the hype.

Paula Sheamus is a passionate blogger who loves to write about movies and TV shows. She works for CleanToPerfection during the days and almost every night she goes to the cinema. She spends the weekends writing movie reviews. 

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ana-death said...

I am dying to watch Carrie and Horns - mainly because they are books made into movies and I just love that! I am also wanting to see the remake of Evil Dead, but from your list, these two are the most awaited for =]

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