Movie Review: The Purge [Guest Post]

August 08, 2013

The Purge, released 7th June 2013 is a film that for many will cause controversy, shock, entertainment and sheer astonishment. The film is set in the United States, the year is 2022 and crime and unemployment has hit an all-time low of 1%. The reason behind these promising results, ‘The Purge’. 

The Purge is an annual event that takes places over a 12 hour period, whereby citizens are able to release their anger and negativity through the means of theft and even murder. During this 12 hour period, crime is legal and all emergency services are suspended, making sure that no person injured during the event can seek medical assistance until it is over….that’s if they make it of course.  

Although a shocking and preposterous idea the Government have seen fit to do this to conquer the despicable evil that took place on their streets every day. The Purge has made a significant difference to the country therefore making it “a nation reborn”.

With the exempt Level 10 government officials who may not be harmed during the purge, it is a distressing and even fatal 12 hours for the rest of the country. For those living in remote, expensive and friendly neighbourhoods however, there should be no problem at all. At least that’s what the family of James Sandin, a wealthy salesmen who has made his money selling security systems to his neighbours thought. 

Worst comes to worse though when a helpless homeless man seeks help from the family as a gang of ruthless killers enjoying the purge look for him. When the youngest son of the Sanding family grants the homeless man access to the home their nightmare truly begins.

The film looks at the disturbing events that take place through the night and how helping one man can make you question your own actions and loyalties. Could you really hand over an innocent man to be butchered for the sake of your family? Could you do it for the nation? Could you do it at all?

With their own lives hanging in the balance its time to make that decision, will you give in to their requests or will you stand together and fight? As you follow the lives of the Sandins on the night of The Purge you soon discover that there is also more to their neighbours than first meets the eye. 

A great watch that will fill your mind with questions, wonder and utter disgust. Do you dare to purge?

Author Bio:
Aidan is a keen writer who is extremely interested in security issues. He has a particular interest in safe rooms and specialised security solutions.

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