Giveaway and Sign Ups: Blissfire by D.e.e.L

     I am setting up a blog tour for Blissfire by D.e.e.L, which will be on between November 10th and November 23rd.
     If you are willing to read and review Blissfire fill out the form below. You will receive an e-copy of the book in exchange of an honest review and will also get the chance to enter the giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card and an e-book.
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     Indulge yourself with these ten stories surrounding the endless chase for bliss that we are all constantly running. Each story focuses on a character that is striving to find that happiness that will change everything. Some chase after their dreams, others need to fill the wounds of their hearts, and some even need to be reminded of who they truly are. From down into a bottle to writing under a bridge, bliss comes to us in many forms. Each story pushes and compels you into the next as you meet new people and learn their worlds of mind. Written in a poetic tone, this collection offers a read from the heart.
     I was chasing my own bliss while writing this, filling the wounds of my own heart just as each character does. Follow them along and join in their strides for the eternal bliss we all crave, perhaps even discovering your own during the ride.

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Author Bio:
D.e.e.L has been writing most of his life; though as a child the stories made much less sense and contained much fewer words, as well as some poorly drawn pictures. Becoming anything but a writer has never been something to cross his mind (though he currently works a day job which makes it that much more painful). He grabs any second within the ticking hands to create new worlds of words and chooses some of them to post online to his many blogs; hoping only to have at least one person obtain a smile upon reading. He has one story collection out so far titled "Blissfire" , which is available on, and many other stories and poetry collections on Smashwords. He also wrote this entire bio himself, which made wording things rather awkward and he hopes that he doesn't sound conceited.

Sign Ups
Sign Ups
November 10th - Amina Black
November 11th - Gluten Free + 2
November 12th - Bianca2b
November 13th - Raftul Misterelor
November 14th - Printre Pagini
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November 16th - Valsul Fluturilor
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November 20th - Hardback Book Hotties
November 21st - Carti Alese
November 22nd - Digital Pubbing
November 23rd - Wordsmithing
The giveaway is open international.
Prizes are: one $25 Amazon GC and an e-copy of Blissfire by D.e.e.L
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