Tv Show Review: Star-Crossed S01E01

February 18, 2014
          I must confess that I almost forgot about Star-Crossed, mostly because I was not impressed after I saw the trailer. Thanks to all the hype before the official release of the Pilot, I decided to give it a try and I cannot say that it disappointed me. I wouldn’t add it to the best TV Shows list just yet, but it did not annoy me and that is always a good sign.

          The first thought when the Pilot started was that it looked a lot like Vampire Diaries. The interaction between the teenagers, the start of the love story and a little bit the actress that played the main character, Emery (Aimee Teegarden), all these reminded me of Vampire Diaries with aliens.

          Star-Crossed is not exactly the cheesy love story the trailer showed. It is the central point of the story, but not the only thing that happens. The show is about a community of aliens that landed in a small town in America 10 years ago. The atrians (aliens) were considered a thread and were attacked, but in present times they live in a gated community, guarded by armed soldiers and strictly controlled. Some of the humans are now trying to integrate the atrians in their world by enrolling the teenage aliens in human high schools. But not everyone is willing to accept changes and the small group of teenagers has a hard time getting through high school.

          The concept of the TV Show is not a new one, but it’s entertaining enough to keep your interested through the story. The conflicts rise of course between humans and atrians, but the focus, at least in the first episode, was on the kids from school.

          Then there is the love story, which in my opinion moved way too fast. It’s actually similar to Romeo and Juliette: a human girl and an alien boy in a society that barely stands the outer space visitors. They saw each other, yes, when they were 6 years once, but after 10 years they instantly feel connected.  I know that this kind of love story is preferable by most of the viewers, but I like it when things go slow and characters have time to evolve.
Also, like in most of the movies and TV Shows, let's expect a love triangle.

PS: I just realized their first meeting after 10 years. He was entering through the school gates and saw her at the next level just sitting there like on a balcony. So Romeo and Juliette.

Star-Crossed Official Trailer:

          I would say that this TV Show is worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or Beauty and the Beast. If I had to rate it I would give it 3/5. It’s good and I think it will improve with time.

Did you all have the chance to see it? What do you think?


Holly Anne said...

I agree the romance was moving a little too fast for my taste. I do hope the tv show gets better.

Sugar and Snark said...

I also give it about 3/5. Interested to see how it goes!

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