Top 5 Extremely Fun Movies for Kids to See This Halloween

November 01, 2014
Watching scary movies during Halloween has become a tradition for me. However, a couple of decapitations later I’m glad to switch to a more kid-friendly movie, just to wash those images out of my head. Therefore, here is a top 5 extremely fun movies for kids to see this Halloween. 

Monsters, Inc 

The movie is about a cute little blue-furred monster named Sulley and his green, one-eyed assistant Mike that work for a company called Monsters, Inc. Their job is to scare kids because their screams make the monster’s world thrive. However, what will it happen when the child is not afraid and decides to follow the mythical creatures back to their humble world? 

The Haunted Mansion 

Produced by Disney and starring Eddie Murphy, The Haunted Mansion is a good choice for Halloween. Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is a workaholic realtor more preoccupied with his job rather than his family. By a twist of fate, he is summoned, together with his wife and children, to an impressive mansion. However, they quickly find out that the house is haunted. As he struggles to save his family, Jim learns an important lesson about the family he neglected for so long. 

Halloweentown Series 

Another movie series made by Disney Channel that caught my attention is Halloweentown. This 4 movie series centers upon Marnie, a teenage girl, who discovers that her entire family are witches. While her mother tries to keep Marnie and her two other siblings out of the magical and dangerous world of witches, their grandma has other plans. In the last movie of the series, you will also see a resemblance with the universe of Harry Potter, more particularly with Hogwarts. 

Harry Potter 

It might not be for Halloween, but is a great immersion into the world of witches, warlocks and other creatures. Follow Harry and his friends as they try to balance school with battling Lord Voldemort and prevent him to destroy the world. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

The movie might be a bit old, but it’s still among the most watched animated films on Halloween. Follow the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, as he falls in love with Christmas Town. Fascinated by Christmas, he tries to bring this holiday in his own town. Will he succeed? You have to watch it.

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