Review: In Your Eyes by Diana Nixon

December 20, 2014
 "Only when I was back to my room, the pain hit me again. I took off my clothes, closed the curtains, and got under the blanket. I didn’t want to think about tomorrow, or anything at all, I just wanted to fall asleep."


     My life has never been perfect. I lost, I lied, I cried. But there was one thing that I thought would stay with me forever — my love…
      Adrian was my everything. The day he died, I died with him. It was like being caught up in a nightmare, with no reason to keep breathing, with nothing to hold on to.
      But one day, everything changed. I didn’t know I was lost until the moment Nic found me. He made me laugh, he made me feel, he made me believe that I could love again. I thought I would never feel alive, but then I looked into his eyes and I was lost. Only this time, it was not a nightmare swallowing me, but a beautiful dream coming true.

      Just when I thought there was no hope for tomorrow, my heart found a reason to beat faster…

NOTE: ‘In your Eyes’ contains explicit sex scenes, not recommended to readers under the age of 18. 

If you’ve read 'Love Undone' by Diana Nixon then you should know that 'In Your Eyes' is connected with that one. The events in the book still surround the death of Adrian, but this time we get to witness the direct consequences that marked his fiancé, Emily. 

Both books work in parallel, but 'Love Undone' focuses more on Kassie’s and Daniel’s story. It was nice to dive in Emily’s head for once, to see how she was affected by Adrian’s death since she was so close to him. Furthermore, Daniel was the reason for which Emily suffered for two years. I do understand that the reason for keeping everything a secret was to protect his friend’s reputation, but both Emily and Kassie suffered because of it.

Emily feels guilty and refuses to let herself be happy again, but things change when Nic shows up in her life. His presence and the advices of her friend, Kassie, give her courage to finally move on. Since I already knew part of Emily’s story I was more interested in Nic’s. He’s the shiny new toy of the series and I enjoyed reading about his family, his past, dreams and his thoughts, although I would have liked to see more of his past life.

Nic is the bad-boy kind of guy, but only on the surface and he is part of a wealthy family who had big plans for his future. They basically choose a job and a wife for him without giving a damn about his feelings. That is why he chooses to walk away and live on his own terms. I think that in this book he was my favorite character, which is why I would have liked to know more. Otherwise, Nic is funny and fun to be around, not to mention that he is very charming with the ladies and had great chemistry with Emily.

Overall 'In Your Eyes' was a fast paced reading with a lovely love story full of romantic and hot scenes. If you’ve read 'Love Undone' I highly recommend that you read this as well since there is one extra chapter from Adrian’s point of view and all the extra info coming from Emily’s point of view.

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