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Teen Wolf (Almost Season 1) + Facebook and Twitter of the Cast

Monday, August 15, 2011

Teen Wolf

          I wanted to review this tv show earlier, but I wasn't totally convinced that I liked it from the beginning. It seemed that the action was rather running than flowing  . So many things happened from the first episode and it seemed that half of the action has already passed, but it got better with every episode.
          So the first season is almost ending and I'm still watching the promo of the next episode hoping that I will somehow see the entire action in those 30 seconds. The show is nothing I would have expected, is way better and is such a shame that is ending so soon. I was never crazy about werewolf stories but this one has it all: action, complications aka drama and of course romance.
          A good thing is that I already have a favorite character, yep...after just one season (it usually takes at leas 3) and no is not one of the werewolfs, just a simple human, at least until now: Stiles. What's not to like about him? He is maybe the smartest of the characters, he always finds solutions to Scott's and it seems that he is not afraid of many things, I mean he found himself face to face with the big bad wolf and he didn't fainted (that's good enough for me).

          Also good news for the fans, season 2 will exist, but there is long way until then, maybe in the summer of 2012(there's nothing certain)

Facebook and Twitter of "Teen Wolf" Cast
Tyler Posey - twitter
Tyler Posey - facebook
Crystal Reed - twitter
Crystal Reed - facebook
Dylan O'Brien - twitter
Dylan O'Brien - facebook
Holland Roden - twitter
Holland Roden - facebook
Colton Haynes - twitter
Colton Haynes -  facebook
Tyler Hoechlin - twitter
Tyler Hoechlin - facebook

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