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Tv Show Review: The 100 S01E01

Sunday, March 23, 2014
          As much as I love dystopian movies and TV shows, The 100 disappointed me. The premise of the show was promising, but there were parts that did not allowed me to fully enjoy the pilot properly.

          The 100 is set 200 years in the future and 97 years after a nuclear war. A small community of people is now living on a space station, with strict control over the small population. Criminals over 18 are punished with death and those under 18 are contained in individual cells. So, adults are killed and juvenile delinquents are disposable, that is why they are sent to Earth in order to test the toxicity level there.

           At first glance I expected something like The Hunger Games. I expected the teenagers to be shocked and do anything in their powers to survive on a planet they only read about. The 100 teenagers sent on Earth were delinquents, I am pretty aware of this, but the last thing I expected to see was a bunch of kids throwing a party like it was their first day in college.

           I don’t understand why send them in the first place. It was well known that most of them were not fans of following rules from the beginning, yet the future of the entire humanity stands in their hands.

          I was optimistic while watching it, but it slowly turned into a classical teenage drama. It was like I was watching some high school kids being mean with each other, none of them being capable of thinking on their own, in search of a leader. 

          They soon started making stupid decisions that put their lives in danger. After they found themselves safe, they started giggling like 8 years old girls. That’s ok, they just discovered that animals on Earth have suffered mutations and some of them might be deadly. Let’s just hug it out and laugh out loud.
Probably the most annoying character was Octavia. In the middle of a crisis she would swoon over every hot guy and act like she was on a field trip. Not to mention that she was the first to laugh after a giant snake tried to chew her leg.  

          Of course, there were likable characters that proved to be responsible, following their mission, but they were bullied because they wanted to survive. How dare they?

          The entire episode was frustrating, with childish decisions belonging to both adults and teenagers. I sure hope that the show will improve in time. I still think that the idea was great, but the focus rests too much in all the wrong places.
The 100 Official Trailer:
 My rate: 2.5/5

Tv Show Review: Star-Crossed S01E01

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
          I must confess that I almost forgot about Star-Crossed, mostly because I was not impressed after I saw the trailer. Thanks to all the hype before the official release of the Pilot, I decided to give it a try and I cannot say that it disappointed me. I wouldn’t add it to the best TV Shows list just yet, but it did not annoy me and that is always a good sign.

          The first thought when the Pilot started was that it looked a lot like Vampire Diaries. The interaction between the teenagers, the start of the love story and a little bit the actress that played the main character, Emery (Aimee Teegarden), all these reminded me of Vampire Diaries with aliens.

          Star-Crossed is not exactly the cheesy love story the trailer showed. It is the central point of the story, but not the only thing that happens. The show is about a community of aliens that landed in a small town in America 10 years ago. The atrians (aliens) were considered a thread and were attacked, but in present times they live in a gated community, guarded by armed soldiers and strictly controlled. Some of the humans are now trying to integrate the atrians in their world by enrolling the teenage aliens in human high schools. But not everyone is willing to accept changes and the small group of teenagers has a hard time getting through high school.

          The concept of the TV Show is not a new one, but it’s entertaining enough to keep your interested through the story. The conflicts rise of course between humans and atrians, but the focus, at least in the first episode, was on the kids from school.

          Then there is the love story, which in my opinion moved way too fast. It’s actually similar to Romeo and Juliette: a human girl and an alien boy in a society that barely stands the outer space visitors. They saw each other, yes, when they were 6 years once, but after 10 years they instantly feel connected.  I know that this kind of love story is preferable by most of the viewers, but I like it when things go slow and characters have time to evolve.
Also, like in most of the movies and TV Shows, let's expect a love triangle.

PS: I just realized their first meeting after 10 years. He was entering through the school gates and saw her at the next level just sitting there like on a balcony. So Romeo and Juliette.

Star-Crossed Official Trailer:

          I would say that this TV Show is worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or Beauty and the Beast. If I had to rate it I would give it 3/5. It’s good and I think it will improve with time.

Did you all have the chance to see it? What do you think?

Tv Show Review: Bitten S01E01 - Summons

Thursday, January 16, 2014

          I wasn’t planning to watch Bitten at all, simply because I wasn’t interested in a werewolf drama right now, but after I went on a couple of forums and on Imdb Discussions, I realized that people started hating it before it even started for all the wrong reasons. That’s why before I start my review I’m going to list the reasons why people didn’t want to watch it in the first place.

#1. The name of the main character is Elena like the main character of the Vampire Diaries. And not everyone likes Vampire Diaries. So the name Elena should be found only ONCE in all books ever published and all TV Shows ever released. Having two characters with the name Elena in two different TV Shows brings up too much confusion.

#2. Werewolves should be monstrous creatures on two legs. Although I agree that this version of the werewolves is much scarier, werewolves don’t exist, so their mythology can be changed according to the author’s desire. The wolves in Bitten are actually shape shifters and people change in full dogs/wolves with the fur in the color of the person’s hair. Just because a certain creature has its roots in a horror story, it doesn’t mean that it must stay there.

#3. The cast it too attractive or not suitable for the part. I am afraid I don’t understand this one. If they weren’t attractive then everyone would complain about that, if they are attractive then there is still a problem? Also I cannot understand how can you know if an actor will do a good job in portraying a character if you look at a photo. Just because that actor doesn’t look exactly like the character in the book it doesn’t mean that he will suck.

          There were also those people that brought reasonable reasons for why they didn’t want to watch the show. Simply because it had werewolves and they are not fans of the genre or because there are way too many supernatural shows with vampires and werewolves and were not interested in another one.

My Review:

          Like I said, I was not planning to watch Bitten because I already follow many other supernatural TV Show and non-supernatural ones as well so I have the entire week full. But after I read some of the pre-release opinions and after I found out that the lead character is played by Laura Vandervoort I decided to give it a try.

          Bitten is based on a series of books written by Kelley Armstrong and although I love the author’s style I haven’t had the chance to read them. I did managed to read The Darkest Powers Trilogy and started reading Bitten (only one chapter in because I had to give the book back) and I least I know that the beginning of the episode stays true to the book.

          I didn’t necessary hated the first episode, but I simply did not care about it. It reminded me a little of True Blood, and I am now referring to the nudity and multiple sex scene in just one episode. So Bitten, much like True Blood it’s orientated to the adult audience, although the story could easily pas as a young adult story.

          The acting was decent, the story kept from the beginning a little bit of mystery and I enjoy that in a new TV Show and we also got to witness a murder. There’s nothing more refreshing than a murder in the beginning of a show to introduce the big bad or at least the big bad’s intentions which is to turn into werewolves a bunch of psychopaths. The first episode had only two action scenes, both murders that is if you don’t count Elena’s bad ass move when she tried to defend her integrity in a restaurant full of people. I thought that was cool and it showed that she is not another damsel in distress.

The wolves
          I don’t mind the werewolves that turn into full wolves, but there were some sequences in which they looked not quite real and I think that this will not be appreciated, at all. People already don’t like the fact that the show doesn’t deal with half human-half wolf creatures.

          Unfortunately I don’t think I will watch it further. I truly have way too many TV Shows to follow, which I like better than this one. But if you are a fan of True Blood I am pretty sure you will also like this one.

Bitten Official Trailer:

Tv Show Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Monday, April 18, 2011

          Ok, so with all these great stories around here with vampires, I realized that I haven't seen la crème de la crème yet, the beginning of the vampire Tv Shows. I just wanted to see the first season, out of curiosity, since it  has been so long since I've seen the only 5 episodes. Eventually I ended up watching the entire 7 seasons.
           I must say that the world of Buffy is very different from the other movies and Tv Shows I've watched, less romance and more action maybe. The vampires were ... well ... really ugly and my favorite part: soulless. Having a soul, among the  vampires, was a luxury, and both the vampires that had it, fell in love with the same girl, Buffy, the slayer (she is quite a lucky girl :))).
          I was afraid that the show will only be about vampires, I mean - 7 seasons full of only vampire action would have killed the show from the first two seasons, but Mr. Joss Whedon brought in the show more, like: witches, demons, werewolves, goddesses...any mythological creatures?  You name it and it's there. It reminds me a little of Supernatural in this case, and the fact that there seems to be more than one Apocalypse. I think that Buffy had one for each season.
          BtVS was that kind of TV Show that never got you bored, I mean I've seen some series that after a certain point the action is aimless, but I watched Buffy like  maniac while I should have been working at my dissertation paper (^_^).
          Anyway, there is also a season 8 (and I think that soon it will be also a 9) in comic books style, and I am anxious to read them since I've already seen some sneak peaks.

My favorite characters:
          There are two I guess, first of all there is Buffy, not the traditional main female character at all. She can be strong and feminine at the same time and I love her creativity in battle.
          The other character is Spike, the vampire, and not only because he saved the world in the final season, but because I always thought that him and Xander are two of the most funny characters in the show.

How many of you have seen Buffy and what are your thoughts about it?

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